Instacare Home Health Solutions CHHA Training Course

Become a Licensed CHHA For Only $300*

Course Information

Our virtual course provides training in patient care in the home. Our Home Health Aide curriculum covers all competencies required by the Board of Nursing of the State of New Jersey, i.e. basic human needs, the home environment prevention and safety, basic concepts of child and the elderly care, how to handle issues related to mental health, and terminally ill patients.

Admission Requirements

All students must be high school graduates or have successfully earned a GED. Students will be asked to provide copies of their diploma or GED, photo ID, and another form of ID. If student does not have a GED, placement tests may be administered depending on the training requested.

Course Requirements

  • 76 hours of total CHHA training
  • 16 out of 76 hours will be on site in person clinical training
  • Textbook (Ebook or Hard Copy)

Course Fees

  • Course fee: $425
  • Board of Nursing fee (Paid to NJBON): $80
  • Total student Outlay: $505
  • *Upon completion of the course and employment with Instacare, student will be reimbursed $205 for over 3 months.


  • There are 14 sessions in total, which includes: one make-up class, one class for Final Exam, one class for ​in-person ​Clinical Competencies @ B&M school & eleven on-line classes.
  • Classes begin promptly @ 9AM & proceed through to 2:30PM​. From 12-12:15 PM is a lunch break. ​Please carve out your Virtual Learning Classroom Area ahead of time to ensure that it is a private & quiet time, optimum for learning.
  • You will receive a ​Welcome Letter ​via Gmail notification from your Instructor ​upon completion of the enrollment/Admissions process with detailed instructions on how to get on-line ready & familiar with the ZOOM application you will be using.  Your Instructor is here to guide you through every step of the on-line learning process.
  • All your required materials will be sent to you at that time
  • Online training will be  Zoom Video Conferencing. Students will be required to join our Certified Instructor via Zoom three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) from 9:30am - 2:30 pm.
  • At the completion of the course all students will be requirement to take and pass a state CHHA examination to complete certification.


Medicaid PCA + MLTSS Provider
+ Private Hire (Hourly & Live in)


347 Plainfield Ave.
Edison, NJ 08817

205 U.S. 9 Suite 35
Freehold, NJ 07728

Our Coverage Area (NJ Counties)
  • Union
  • Essex
  • Monmouth
  • Middlesex
  • Somerset
  • Ocean